No Excuses… Being Healthy is Work!

Are You Happy With Your Health?

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Healthy Isn’t Something Anyone Owes You

In a health store the other day, a heavyset women turned to me and mentioned a protein powder that she liked. I said that I was actually looking for something for my hubby, but that I was wanting to lose a few pounds. I added that if I could just stop “emotional eating” that they would come right off. She said to me, “oh, that’s not my problem, I’ve got lots of health problems. I have no doubt that she does have many labels to go with all the symptoms she has, but there is no excuse when it comes to what and how much of what you put in your body. You are doing that to yourself.

Health Can Be Yours with a Bit of Work

This video is a bit raw, but I love it’s message. You just can’t sit on the couch all day and put an unlimited amount of whatever you want in your mouth just because it tastes good and have the health and body you want. At some point, your body and health will reflect your lifestyle and stress level. Check it out:

How Often Do You Choose Health?

Every moment of everyday, you either choose health or you don’t. What do you put in your mouth? Is it nutrient dense, healthy, organic foods, or do you make excuses like “just this once” or “I’ll be good tomorrow” or “It’s a special occasion.” Thing is, you can do whatever you like, but know that your health is your choice. They say nutrition is 80% of your health and exercise is the other 20%. I agree, but I need to add that  a very big part of your health is also mastering your mind and emotions. Do you eat emotionally? Do you eat to protect you from something like intimacy, getting hurt, emotions, stress? It’s up to you to figure out how to maximize each part of equation to achieve the levels of health you want.

If You Want Health, Study Health

If health is what you want, study it. Learn what it is that truly healthy people do. If you wait until the symptoms flare up then just take the drug to subdue the symptoms and sign off as having an illness or disease, well, that is your choice. But, if you want to optimize your health, you can make that choice too. Become hyper-aware of how you feel after eating certain foods and talking to certain people. Find the areas in your life you can improve upon and make it a daily mission to do what’s required to reach your optimal level of health. I don’t necessarily think any one diet is the best for everyone, but I do think the less rules the better. Instead, choose a well balanced diet that gives you the nutrients you need with ingredients that are whole foods, instead of highly processed ones. You can find research to back up just about anything, so be careful to think you are doing things perfectly… that’s just when the universe chooses to show you otherwise. Instead, be open and flexible with your beliefs and rules so that you can evolve your life as needed.

You Can Have Health, It’s Your Choice

If you just read that sentence and thought, “but I can’t ever be healthy because…”, then you have a bigger problem than just nutrition. You’ll need to work on your mind to overcome the medical hexing you’ve received or accepted as truth, and truly believe you can be healthy again and/or have the health you want. Until then, nothing you do will work. You’ve got to stop with the story you keep telling about how sick you are. That is your first hurdle. Find a new story like, “I’m working hard to get healthy again” or something you can believe. Watch the video above, over and over… it might help!

In Health and Happiness,

Candice T. Aguirre.

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