Mindfulness for Daily Life – Transform your laundry, dishes, & emotional moments!

In a recent hangout with Pallavi Lal, I learned how to add mindfulness into my daily life.

Simple Tips Include: Mindfulness for laundry * Mindfulness for dishes * Mindfulness for emotional moments

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Mindfulness during laundry and dishes? 

I had always felt like those tasks were ones I wanted to avoid… but to bring my attention to them? What? Well, I used Pallavi’s suggestion to bring mindfulness into these daily tasks and something amazing happened. They got done quicker! All of a sudden, dishes were done and laundry was done…. amazing! All I did was simply bring my attention to what I was doing, for example: With laundry, actually feeling the fabric and the seems on the clothing like the seems on the clothes; and with dishes feeling the water on my hands or the crumbs on the plates or the texture of the cup, etc. Mindfulness was that simple and it saved me time!

Mindfulness for Emotional Moments?

Emotional moments can be so overwhelming that the initial reaction is to escape somehow. When I’m confronted with stress, I often find myself grabbing a piece of chocolate and then I can handle that stress better. Thing is, I’m not allowing myself to experience that “emotional wave”, as Pallavi would say. She said that the emotional wave only lasts for 90 seconds! That’s it. I couldn’t believe it was just 90 seconds! Imagine if we were to practice mindfulness and be present to that uncomfortable situation instead of our opt-out, whether it’s eating chocolate or smoking or drinking, etc. We would have a different world… one with less smoking, less obesity, less addiction, less divorce… the list goes on and on.

Get the whole interview on Mindfulness in Daily Life with Pallavi Lal here:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/mnPKkYEcL-Q” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Thank you Pallavi Lal for the wonderful interview! I know my family and I will benefit from your great insight on mindfulness.  

Visit & Like Pallavi Lal’s FB page here: www.facebook.com/BeStillEveryday to stay tuned with her events and offerings. And, here’s her website: www.BeStillEveryday.com

You can also learn about Pallavi Lal’s Bi-Monthly Creating Awareness Class Below:

Mindfulness, Awareness, Stillness, Emotional Health, Happiness

May Mindfulness find a way into your daily life!

Candice T. Aguirre

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