Use Your Cravings to Fuel Healthy Habits

Cravings are more than just cravings!

Cravings are your body’s way of communicating with you.

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What do those cravings mean?

According to Health Coach & Expert Blue Russ, there are some common reasons that someone may experience cravings, and she’s got some simple steps to follow when those cravings hit.  Below is a quick summary, so please have a look at the exclusive interview, also below, with Blue Russ where she shares much more detail about cravings and what to do with them.  Have a pen a paper handy… you’ll be glad you did!

7 Most Common Causes for Cravings from Blue Russ, Integrative Health Coach & Expert (this is short summary… watch the video below for more)

  1. A Lack of Primary Food – Primary foods are the things that are going on in our lives. If you want something crunchy, you may have unexpressed anger; if you crave ice cream you may need comfort; sweets could be your need for love or affection *maybe you just need a hug
  2. Expansion/Contraction  – Activities and foods can be expanding or contracting. For instance, computer work is contracting, and nature/stretching is expansive. So if you’re at a computer all day, you may crave expansion. Getting outside in nature or stretching could help… but Foods that are expansive are sugar and alcohol.
  3. Lack of Nutrients  -Cravings can relate to different nutrients the body needs. For instance, a sugar craving could mean you need protein. If you crave salt, then you may need minerals. Caffeine may be a general lack of everything. A chocolate craving may mean you need magnesium.
  4. Dehydration – Sometimes when you feel hungry, you’re body is actually very thirsty. Drink water!!!
  5. Seasons & Cycles – Our cravings can correspond to the seasons (winter/summer) and our cycles (moon/menstruation). Winter cravings are often for warming foods, summer cravings are often for cooling foods. May be hard to lose weight during winter or eat salads. Women need more magnesium the week leading up to menstruation, so a chocolate craving is common. Nuts and seeds also have magnesium.
  6. Inside Coming Out – This has to do with craving foods that you’ve eaten recently, because it is in your system. The first few days of cutting that food out will be the hardest.
  7. Fear of Change – Being overwhelmed by though of living differently, eating differently, changing is just too much. Your current discomfort may feel safer that the solution. You must make a decision to change or get a taste of success. Small changes can bring about major results, so start small.

Please see the video below or contact Blue Russ to learn more about cravings and your specific needs. This is just a quick intro and summary.

3 Steps to Determining Which Craving You Are Having

Do these three things when you have an intense craving come up. Blue Russ goes into more detail in the video below about how to work with these three steps and get your body what it needs once you discover the source of your cravings.

  1. Take a Deep Breathe
  2. Take a Drink of Water
  3. Ask your body what it needs. Once you determine the source of your cravings, the solution presents itself. There are only cliff note solutions for each possible cause of cravings above, so please contact Blue Russ if you would like to address your specific cravings and the best ways for you to handle them.

Watch “Use Your Cravings to Fuel Healthy Habits” with Blue Russ in the video below!

Interviewing Health Coach Blue Russ was an amazing experience for me, because I am her ideal client and her information was exactly what I’ve been looking for. I am so grateful to her for her time and expertise. Please see her website to learn more about her, get some great recipes, read her blog, see her offerings, and more! She is a true professional.

May you have success in learning about why you have the cravings you are having and giving yourself what you need to heal them.

Lots of Light,

Candice T. Aguirre

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