How to Heal Cancer Naturally

Are You Ready to Heal Cancer Naturally?

There are many natural remedies, modalities and support systems…. I truly believe you can heal cancer naturally, if you really want to. To Heal or Not to Heal… It’s your choice.

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Cancer speaks for itself. The very word cancer brings about fear and other strong emotions. Why is this? We have come to believe that cancer has power over us, over our lives and those of our loved ones. In today’s medical world, if one has cancer than it’s time for battle. Put on your army gear and get ready to attack. The problem is, we have it all wrong. Cancer is not the bad guy. We are asking all the wrong questions. We should not be asking “How do we get rid of cancer?”; instead we should be asking “How can we get rid of what is causing cancer?” Just getting rid of cancer is like getting rid of the popped tire without even stopping to look at the nails in the driveway. For a different perspective on cancer, check out this Conversation with Cancer.

The day my mom told me she had cancer is a day I will never forget. It was devastating for me to hear those words. I was no good to anyone, even her, because I was so upset. Now, years later, I see that if I’d known more about cancer and its role in the body, I would have been empowered to support her at a time she really needed it, as well as, guide her in ways to support her body so it can heal. Modern medicine came to her rescue with surgery along with a change in diet and lifestyle. Today my mom is cancer free. Her journey of healing was a journey of growth for me, as I started learning more and more about cancer and its role in our lives. In the end, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the power of the body and the power of natural methods of healing.

How to Heal Cancer Naturally is Scientifically Acknowledged in 1931

For those of you faced with the presence of cancer in your lives or that of a loved one, there is hope. Cancer is a result of many factors that are unique to each person, so the methods in which one can maximize healing will also be unique to each person. A common and very effective treatment is an immediate improvement in diet and lifestyle. There are some who believe that diet and lifestyle changes are all that is needed to completely heal oneself of cancer. I definitely believe that this is possible. 1931 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells thrive in a low-oxygen state. So, when your body cells and tissue are acidic they lose their ability to exchange oxygen, and cancer cells thrive. On the other hand, when your body cells and tissue are alkaline, cancer cells find it difficult to survive because of the high amount of oxygen present. So, my question is, why don’t more cancer doctors promote methods to make the body less acidic and more alkaline before more drastic measures? It’s simple, non invasive, proven, inexpensive, painless, and scientifically proven and acknowledged… Maybe it’s because it doesn’t require a doctor??? Hmmm, makes you think!

American Doctors Do Everything to Not Heal Cancer Naturally

The father of a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. When he went in for his “tests”, they had him drink a very surgary liquid to check if he had cancer. She told me that the cancer “likes” the sugar and is attracted to it. The doctors know that cancer thrives when this liquid is present, so why would they allow him to put it in his body? That very liquid is very acidic, hence makes any cancer situation worse and might just be the cause of it in the first place. By creating an acidic environment, the doctors have a better chance to find cancer and then treat it. Wouldn’t it make more sense to create an alkaline environment in the body and then test for cancer? Yes and no. Yes because patients would be cancer free, and no because doctors would have less cancer patients. See, no cancer can survive in an alkaline environment so the doctors would never see it. They have to create an acidic environment or cancer won’t be a problem. What??? Cancer won’t be a problem… but that’s what we want! Do doctors want cancer to be a problem? Cancer won’t survive if we simply create an alkalilne environment in the body, and doctors know this, even a nobel prize winner told the world about this. Why is this not the standard method of treatment? Does the medical community fear they would lose business? Aren’t they in the business of making people healthy? I’m not so sure.

Japanese Doctors Require Methods to Heal Cancer Naturally

Doctors in Japan sing to a different tune than doctors here. They not only understand that cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment, many won’t even treat patients unless their patients agree to drink regular alkaline, ionized water.  See, doctors in Japan understand the futility of trying to treat cancer patients without the help of an alkaline environment in the body, so they make it a prerequisite for treatment. Learn more about the medical-grade water machine that they use and recommend here: Kangen. There are many machines available on the market today that ionize and alkalize water, just remember that you get what you pay for. The great thing about Kangen is that you can try before you buy at no cost for extended periods of time. If you want more info about Kangen or to find someone in your area to get the water from, at no cost, my good friend Gena would love to help you.

More on Diet and How to Heal Cancer Naturally

In addition to drinking water to create a more alkaline body, a healthier diet plays a big role. Nutritionists around the world will agree that it’s important to consume fresh, raw and organic foods as much as possible, including dairy, because of their higher nutrient value and absorption rate due to living enzymes. You can find sources for organic, raw dairy at One specific important dietary necessity to healing that I found common amoung many nutritionists and cancer survivors was drinking green juice daily. That’s drinking freshly juiced green vegetables… things like celery, parsely, cilantro, cucumber, zuchini, cabbage, kale, etc. Some, like Dr. Lorraine Day, suggest drinking several glasses throughout the day. This will also alkalize the body and provide many nutrients.  There is great non-promotional nutritional information available at the Weston A Price website. They are a non-profit foundation for researching nutrition. Since their research is not to promote a product line or company, they are not biased or bought and provide solid information. When looking for a diet that’s right for you, it’s important to remember that you’re unique and what will be right for you might not be what is right for someone else. Trying different diets and tailoring them to maximize your results will allow you to find your optimal diet. There is one diet worth mentioning here. Aajonus Vonderplanitz has had great success treating his clients with his Primal Diet. He wrote the books “We Want to Live” and “The Recipe for Living Without Disease” which both have some enlightening information including food remedies for many specific conditions. When he talks about cancer, he explains that it’s the body’s inability to get rid of dead tissue. He adds that the body collects dead tissue into tumors and can usually dissolve and eliminate them gradually if given the necessary nutrition. Interestingly enough, we do the same thing in our lives. If there’s a lot of dirt on the floors or leaves on the grass, we first sweep them into a pile. And our clean up efforts would too be compromised if we failed to have properly working tools for disposal, like our hands or a dustpan, etc. In fact, I remember my dad burning huge piles of brush when I was a kid, because that was the only way to quickly and efficiently dispose of the brush. The piles had to be clean and neat or the fire burned surrounding brush. There was one time the ground burned all the way to the house, because the brush was so overgrown. Could burning a brush pile to remove it be like cancer disolving tumors to quickly dispose of them? And, could out of control brush that may catch fire be like out of control toxins and debris (dead cells) feeding cancer in your system? Therefore, more out of control the brush the larger the fire; and the more out of control the toxins in and entering your system, the more out of control your cancer.  I think maybe so. Feel free to visit Aajonus’ website to see testimonials, learn more about the Primal Diet, read his blog, and see his videos, etc. There are many other diets that I am am familiar with but don’t have the healing statistics for. So, remember to do your research and find out what the diet’s healing track record is before your subscribe to it. Your health is too important, and nutrition plays too big of a role.

Consciousness and How to Heal Cancer Naturally

Here’s another thought about healing from cancer. As a BodyTalk pracitioner, I learned a lot about consciousness and how it can affect the body. In one class, an instructor had brought up for discussion that perhaps cancer was something “eating away at you” on more than just a physical level. So, my question to you is do you have anything in your life, past regrets or heartaches or decisions or losses, that are eating away at you? If yes, addressing these concerns can very much affect the health of your body. One of my favorite healing stories is of one woman went to a BodyTalk practitioner to address her cancer. This client was getting BodyTalk, because after her appendix with cancerous tumors was removed, the tumors returned. These cancerous tumors grew back in the exact same location they had been even though she had no appendix. During the BodyTalk session, it was uncovered that when this client was a child she got into a playground fight. She stood up to the school bully, punched him, bursting his appendix which sent him off in an ambulance. Everyday since, this client regretted it and wished she could take it back. Well, she did… just in the form of cancer. After the BodyTalk session, the cancer went away on its own. It’s time to make peace with your life, your decisions, and your actions because they will catch up with you!

Emotions and How to Heal Cancer Naturally

For those of you new to the way emotions can affect the body, there are a few great books out there. Two of my favorites are the “Biology of Belief” by Dr. Bruce Lipton and “Hidden Messages in Water” by Dr. Masuro Emoto. Lipton, former medical school professor and research scientist, proves that our DNA is actually controlled by signals outside the cell, like our thoughts and emotions. What are your thoughts and emotions doing to your DNA? Emoto photographs water crystals and the effects emotional words have on them. Beautiful crystals form with kind words and thoughts while scattered and messy crystals form with negative words and thoughts. If water is affected this way, how are we affected by words and thoughts and emotions? We are in large part, water.

Be Your Own Boss on How to Heal Cancer Naturally

When trying to make your decision about how to move forward with treatment for yourself of a loved one, consider all the information out there. A lot of people will claim to know what’s best, but the truth is, you have to trust your intuition and do your research. Then, it’s even more important to check in with yourself along the way to see how things are going. For those more comfortable with conventional medicine and hospitals, I strongly recommend watching Dr. Lorraine Day’s video. Dr. Lorraine Day was a medical doctor, and when she was faced with breast cancer she opted not to go through with the recommended medical treatments. She had seen what these treatment methods were doing to people and was not about to sign up. She was healed completely without the standard modern medical intervention. And, if you’re new to natural medicine and healing, please check out my documentary called The Future of Medicine. It’s a great introduction to natural medicine, has a ton of great natural healing and wellness advice, and can help even the most conventional minded open up to a more holistic way to heal. The internet can be a great resource as well, simply Google “heal cancer naturally” and you’ll get numerous personal accounts of different natural methods through which people have had great success.

What’s your experience with how to heal cancer naturally?

Please share your experiences with cancer and treatment, natural or not? What do you think of the different methods of cancer treatment available? Are you or do you know a natural health practitioner with stories of healing? Please share.

I hope that your journey is one of great healing, health and happiness.

Lots of Light,


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