A Conversation with Cancer

What would Cancer say if it could talk?

May the following “Conversation with Cancer” be a catalyst to a deeper awareness about what cancer really is and what its job is.

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Conversation with Cancer – START

Me: Are you there?

Cancer: Yes, I am. You seem afraid.

Me: Well yes, you’re cancer! People die because of you.

Cancer: There is no need to be afraid. First, know that I don’t want to hurt you or anyone.

Me: You don’t?

Cancer: No, not at all. I’m here to help.

Me: What? Help? Are you kidding?

Cancer: I’m serious. I’m here to help you and people everywhere.

Me: I don’t understand.

Cancer: Let me explain. Your body is infinitely wise and geared to survive. When there are toxins present, it works really hard to clean them up. And I’m a part of that clean up crew.

Me: You are? What’s your role?

Cancer: Well, I am an on-site trash/toxin disposal system. I am specifically engineered by the body to eat the toxic tissue and be on my way.

Me: If that’s the case, why do you often spread around the body?

Cancer: Well, my job is to eat up the toxic tissue, and many people are acquiring toxins faster than I can dispose of them.

Me: If you’re engineered by the body to do the on-site clean up, how is it that you can’t keep up?

Cancer: I was designed when there were no artificial foods, no engineered medications or medical procedures, no air or water pollution, no financial stress, etc. Today, the ways in which toxins can be accumulated are everywhere, and it’s not just the physical stuff… it’s the emotional too. I need the support of the individual in order to keep up.

Me: What do you mean by support?

Cancer: Well, if they eat and drink and think and act healthy, I will have a much better chance at cleaning up their body and being on my way.

Me: So, if a person does what they can to stop the toxins from entering their body by eating healthy foods, drinking healthy beverages, thinking healthy thoughts, and taking healthy actions like exercise and sleep, you’ll do your job and disappear?

Cancer: Yes, that’s exactly the case. I’m actually around much more than people think. I’m just in and out so quickly that most often people never know.

Me: What if a person has their tumor removed or gets chemo and radiation?

Cancer: In those instances, nothing preventative is being done. Trying to get rid of me should not be the entire objective, because I’m simply employed by the body to clean up. The focus should be to support the body in its clean up efforts. The bottom line is, a tumor in the body or any trace of me is an indication that the body has a large clean up job. And, if the person doesn’t change their habits quickly, their body will continue to accumulate toxins and need my assistance to address them again. On my end, I will try my best to keep cleaning up, but I can get overwhelmed and lose sight of my purpose just like a person can.

Me: Is this the case when people say that their cancer has spread?

Cancer: Yes and no. If toxins are everywhere or piling up somewhere new, I may get called in to do the clean up. If this is the case, chances are the body is still accumulating toxins at a fast rate. If I get overwhelmed, I may not be able to function properly. I need to be able to determine where the toxins are and where the body needs me.

Me: Can chemo and radiation help?

Cancer: Well, chemo and radiation destroy me along with a lot of other living cells in the body. In the end the body is often too weak to clean up the mess that’s left. If the person lives through chemo and radiation and cleans up their act, they may be able to clean up their body and turn things around without my help. They will need to be very focused on their clean up efforts though, because there will be a lot to clean up.

Me: What do we need to do?

Cancer: Well, the most important thing is to stop all toxins coming in. This includes how you eat, drink, breathe, think, feel, speak, exercise, rest, etc. If there are no toxins present in your body, then I’m not needed. If I do show up, it’s only to help. Thing is, I can only help with clean up. Every individual needs to take responsibility for the mess they are making of their bodies and change their ways.

Me: What about kids who get cancer?

Cancer: If I’m present, it just means there’s cleaning up to do. In addition to all the above aquired factors, often toxins have been inherited, as well as, acquired in utero. Every case is individual and a unique combination of physical and emotional toxins. The only constant in each situation is me. And, I’m simply on the clean up crew, hired by the body.

Me: Anything else?

Cancer:  Yes. Your body is quite amazing and its intelligence is infinitely wise. The focus should always be on how to best support the body, not on how to destroy aspects of it that are not yet understood. That’s why I’m feared, I’m misunderstood.

Me: Thank you. I feel that I understand you and your role in the body much better.

Cancer: You’re welcome. Thank you for taking the time to understand me better. Please tell others I’m not the bad guy. I’ve been convicted without a trial.

Me: I will. Thank you for your clean up efforts. I will work hard to support my body so you don’t have any work to do.

Cancer: Sounds great! I love being on vacation!

Conversation with Cancer – End

Many people may think I’m crazy for having a conversation with cancer… truth is, I think we are crazy not to. This technique to talk to your self or any aspect of your life can give you great insight into what you think and feel, as well as, a new perspective if you are open to it.

Give it a Try

Why not give it a try yourself? You can start a conversation with cancer or any aspect of yourself or your life. Just be clear your thoughts and be open to what may be. See my post for more instructions on how to do this here, (Wholeness in a Handshake- coming soon).

May a New Perspective Help you Open Yourself Up to How to Heal Cancer Naturally.

Your Health is in Your Hands… at least it should be.

Candice T. Aguirre

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