How to Think More Positively

Think More Positively and Everything Changes.

You Are What You Think! Think More Positively for more Health, Happiness, and Positive Experiences in Life.

think more positively

Think more positively sounds easy enough, but it can be hard in our world today. We have been conditioned to put ourselves down and are often surrounded by people who think negatively. It is so common for people today repeat to themselves dis-empowering messages, like “I’m tired, I’m not sure, I’m pooped, I’m stuck, I’m this, I’m that…” Think is, every statement you say about your self and your life is reinforcing it and even creating it. And, the statements that begin with “I AM” are the most powerful, meaning they can do the most good OR the most damage. “I AM ….” reaches your subconscious about your very existence and is speaking of your higher conscious. If you are around people who are constantly saying “I’m tired”, then they are basically telling their deepest levels of being that they are Tired. And tired is another word for done, old, washed up. It’s no wonder that the people who are always saying they are tired are actually the ones who are tired ALL the time and/or don’t get much done and/or are unhealthy and/or don’t come up with creative ways of expressing themselves or experiencing their lives. EVERY aspect of you gets that “I am tired” message, so your organs, like your heart, and your systems, like your immune system, hear you say that They are tired (done, washed up, old, etc…) It’s all they need to decide to just throw in the towel. I definitely don’t want my organs or immune system to throw in the towel… do you? The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to change your mantras to positive ones… it may even save your life.

Do you Think Positively? 

What’s your mantra? That is, what do you say over and over to yourself and others all day long? Take a day or two to really observe yourself. You can even write down the statements you say, positive and negative, and then take score as you say them throughout the day. When I did this, I found myself putting myself down more than I realized. I also found myself hyper aware of what others were saying around me. It was amazing to see the pattern of how positive “I am…” statements resulted in more positive, healthy, and happy people and experiences; and as you can guess, the negative did the opposite. By becoming aware of your own statements and those of the ones in your life, you are able to make a conscious choice to speak in a better way to yourself, one that brings about the outcome you desire. You may even find that being around others that are in the negative “I am…” pattern can motivate you to keep your “I am…” statements as positive as possible, because you see how what they repeat to themselves everyday is affecting them in a negative way.

Pretend to Think More Positively Until You Really Do

Everyone has heard of the phrase, Fake it until you make it… well there is a lot of good theory behind it. You’ve got to start using better “I am…” statements if you want things in your life to change. Use your imagination and dream a little… you can say whatever you like “I am fit and healthy, I am happy, I am perfect, I am…  It can help to surround yourself with people who also think more positively, but that may not always be possible. What is possible is for you to change your mantras to positive “I am…” statements. My mantra is “I am Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Whole”. Even though I have not reached my “goals” for my life, I repeat this statement to myself all the time, and especially when I feel there is lack in one of those areas. Rather than focusing on the lack, I focus on my mantra and how I would like things to be, and I feel better and it gets my energy behind the life I would like to have. I even find myself thinking of how I am really healthy, wealthy, happy and whole in so many ways.

Think More Positively for a Day

Give thinking more positively a try for a day or two. Come up with some mantras that you like and repeat them to yourself throughout the day, especially when you are unhappy with something. This takes your focus away from what is causing you to feel unhappy and put it on a mantra that will help create what you really do want. By doing this, you put all your energy and emotion behind what you want, rather than what you don’t want. This is very powerful. You are confirming at the deepest level of your being that you are whatever your “I am…” statement is. This is huge! Don’t worry if you don’t believe… just do it! Your higher self and subconscious will hear you. Take note of how you feel when you do this and compare it to how it feels when you don’t.

Practicing How to Think More Positively

Like anything, this will take practice. One place that I started with this a LONG time ago was in sports. If I started to feel tired, I would repeat to myself that I was strong. I repeated it over and over so that I couldn’t think about how tired I was. I didn’t know the power of what I was doing at the time, but I understand it now. I was an amazing athlete throughout my life, and I’m sure that this contributed to this. I often find myself today using mantra that takes me away from an I am tired thoughts, but if I’m not doing physical exercise my mantra is more like “I have lots of energy”. Another example is when I produced the Future of Medicine Documentary. It was the first time I did anything like that and I had no prior experience. I never once told myself that I couldn’t do it. I said things like “I am creative, I am able to do this, I am smart, I am resourceful” etc. It worked! I don’t think it would have gone so well if I was repeating things like “I am crazy for doing this, I am not experienced in film, I am not sure about this…” etc. So, in your life, in whatever you’re doing, say “I am…” statements that reflect what you’d like and how you’d like to be, even if it is the opposite of how you might feel. Repeat it over and over and the rest will take care of itself! Remember, you are the one creating your experience!

Start to Think More Positively and soon it will be easy… enjoy the results!

Lots of Light,

Candice T. Aguirre

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One Response to How to Think More Positively

  1. joedalio says:

    I definitely agree that the more you practice positive thinking, the more natural it becomes. I’ve seen it in my own life. Thank you for the excellent post : )

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