How to Stop Worrying So Much…

Ready to Stop Worrying About Something or Everything? Ready for Some Peace?

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Good News… In one thought, worrying can disappear! Hang in there, a peaceful mind is around the corner!

Worrying, better known as STRESS, is everywhere. And, there are so many remedies for stress relief that the choices alone can often cause even more worrying… “Is this the right one? “Which one should I try?” etc. I know… I have tried many of them. From herbs, to therapies, to homeopathy, to flower essences, and even exercise. In filming The Future of Medicine Documentary, I got to try over 30 natural health modalities. Thing is, on a day-to-day basis, I need something more immediate, something that I have access to all the time and that works quickly and doesn’t cost a bunch of money. If we all had time to exercise daily, get enough restful sleep, do what we love all day long, get regular massages, etc…. then we’d all be stress free and worrying wouldn’t be a problem. That’s just not the case, especially if you have kids, like me.

How to Stop Worrying So Much: History behind the Workbench Technique

On a visit to my mom’s, I noticed a message she had posted on her refrigerator. In a large print it read “Good Morning. This is God. I will be handling all of your problems today.” She saw me looking at it and made a comment about how she liked to read it each morning and thought it helped her stop worrying so much and relax a bit. My first thought was “cute, a little religious, but glad you found something that works.” I grew up with quite a bit of religious dogma, so I didn’t see past that to the potential for helping me too. Upon my return home to my natural health practice, I found myself thinking about what I read on my mom’s fridge and then actually using it in a “WorkBench” visualization to help my clients relax, find some stress relief, and stop worrying so much. After a little feedback and even using it myself, I realized the potential of such a simple technique; and that it can help anyone, no matter the religion or spiritual background.

How to Stop Worrying So Much: Workbench Technique

Stop worrying in a moment and experience a little peace with this easy visualization! Whatever your spiritual/religious beliefs are, this can work…. just substitute the words that feel right for you. Maybe it’s God, or Source, or Creator, or the Field, or Great Mother, or All There Is, etc…  First, imagine there is a workbench that can handle anything… it’s God’s Workbench, or Source Energy’s Workbench, etc… We’ll call it THE Workbench. See this amazing, strong Workbench in your mind, and know that it can handle anything, because God/Source/your Higher Self, etc. can handle ANYTHING! Now, think about your worry or problem and place it on THE Workbench. It’s important to get the entire problem on the workbench… ALL of it.  Then, see GOD/Source/Angels/Ascended Masters, Divine Beings/Light/your Higher Self, etc. (whatever your beliefs) surround THE Workbench and start working on your worry or stress.  The minute you start worrying again, place your worrying thoughts on the bench. Keep doing this over and over. Eventually, it will become automatic to place your worries on THE Workbench. You can’t be worrying and actively putting your worries on THE Workbench at the same time… it’s impossible. So for the moments you are focused on putting your STUFF on THE Workbench and seeing it being rapidly attended to are moments you are not worrying!

What to Do Instead of Worrying

Worrying is not productive, in fact, it is counterproductive. It keeps you focused on the problem, not the solution, and it can negatively impact your health… we all know stress does. So, the minute your worrying is placed upon THE Workbench, you can ask yourself productive questions like “What can I do? How can I best handle this? What would help in this situation? What is the outcome I want? What steps can I take that would be helpful?” You can even ask God/Source/Higher Self, etc. for some inspired action to take. You have gone from a dis-empowered place of worrying where your focus is on the problem, to an empowered place where your focus is on the solution. By putting all that worry on THE Workbench, you have created a space, an openness, that can shift your energy to the solution or at least a more conscious state of being.

Worrying won’t get you anywhere, so put your worry on THE Workbench and make room for a little peace and conscious action. Your Workbench can handle ALL your worries with ease.

In Health and Happiness,

Candice T. Aguirre

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