How to Get Pregnant in 10 Easy Steps

Get Ready to Get Pregnant

How to get pregnant should be pretty self explanatory, but in today’s day and age that just isn’t the case.

How to Get Pregnant, Conceive Naturally

Many people who try to get pregnant find they are faced with infertility and other challenges. This is understandable given today’s load of stresses. There’s everything from the physical to the emotional to the financial to the environment, etc. Even plants are having trouble reproducing. I was just outside hand-pollinating my cantaloupe plants, because the most mature plants have only produced two melons. After a little research, I found out that often hand-pollinating melons, and even squash, is necessary. At least it was a pretty simple task, and I’m hoping successful too. A friend of mine who harvests and sells yummy dates needs to hand-pollinate all his date trees every year, and it’s no easy feat. He uses a lift to raise him at least 40 feet so he can get the job done. He does what is needed, and his dates are amazing every year. Life has changed a great deal over the past hundred years, and many of those changes have led to a world of infertility. Any one of these changes, like diet for example, can be the culprit on its own; but when combined with all the other changes that are also big stresses, infertility is sure to win out. To make sure we address them all, we will be taking a holistic approach to getting pregnant. This, of course, is in addition to making sure your equipment is in working order. While I believe you can heal naturally, the assistance of western medicine has helped many women conceive and birth babies. I think the key is to keep and make the choices that bring you the most peace.

STEP 1: Invitation. When my husband and I wanted to conceive, we started with an invitation. We wrote a letter to invite a baby (now our son) into our lives. We called him “baby aguirre”. It seemed like the right thing to do since this whole new person was going to be coming to spend his entire life with us. In everyday life, we send out invitations for just about everything: parties, housewarmings, ceremonies, etc. In fact, there are rituals for just about everything, like graduating, getting engaged, getting married, anniversaries, and even getting pregnant. I really think that as long as the ritual you perform is a conscious, loving one with a lot of intention and positive feelings for what you want to create, than it can help. So, there’s no need to travel to around the world to the ancient fertility sites or put moon charged water under your bed, unless you really want to. There’s another way… simply create your own meaningful ritual. If you have not done so yet, invite the child into your lives. This shifts your energy. You may have been wanting a child for a long time, but chances are for a longer time you practiced “safe” sex or some method of birth control as to not conceive. So, your body probably got used to sex as a non-child making activity, and now, all of a sudden it’s supposed to know that you now want a child. By consciously inviting a child into your lives, you set the mood for future love making and day-to-day decisions to bring you a baby. Have some fun with this and allow it to be more that just a letter. Once you’ve invited a child into your life, there’s a good chance it’s just a matter of transportation… will they be naturally conceived or will they need some help or even to be picked up (adopted)? When we invite people to a party, we allow them to decide how they are going to arrive. There may even be a case where someone needs help with transportation to our party. Be open and know that the child you’ve invited is now looking for a way to be with you. Your job is to keep your heart open and arms ready to wrap around your new baby. This letter and any additions you make to it are wonderful mementos to add to a baby book one day. Don’t delay, start now to get the energy going in the direction welcoming a child into your lives with this easy, meaningful, and beautiful invitation.

STEP 2: Baby Making Ritual. Consider planning a monthly baby making ritual (during ovulation days) where you do something special with your loved one and re-read your invitation, perhaps watch a kids movie or re-live something you enjoyed when you were a child or look at your baby albums. You can even add to your invitation from step 1 each month with a song or a picture or a poem or a quote. Most important is that your ritual be exciting and meaningful to you. Too often couples begin to feel like it’s more work to conceive than enjoyable. If this is the case, they’ll probably continue that tone to feel like it’s more work to raise a child than fun. If you want to really enjoy the experience of having a family, well, now’s you’re chance. Start from the beginning and enjoy the making of your baby. It’s like a party, we’ve all been to fun ones and to really boring ones. What kind of baby making ritual do you want, a fun one or one that is work? It’s up to you. Simply scheduled sex or an evening of making your baby. Here are some ideas to start you thinking… send love notes to your partner on days leading up to ritual, plan a rendezvous, meet and light a candle, re-read your invitation and add to it if you like, give one another a massage, take a shower together, have sex, lay hands on mom-to-be’s belly for a while and ask for a special blessing, imagine your future baby hearing your invitation and special blessing and even dancing in excitement to come join you, and kiss one another good night. Enjoy this time you have together… anyone with a kid will tell you that life changes when they join the family. For those of you planning or already undergoing intervention, you can still make this a beautiful ritual… make it sacred and it will be… be creative.

STEP 3: Nutrition. Does ones diet affect fertility? Yes, it absolutely does. This has been proved many times, and I’ll cite the two sources of research here, the Pottenger’s Cats Study and the Weston A Price Foundation. Pottenger’s 10 year study of cats resulted in proving that diet can and does cause infertility, and it did this within only 3 generations. Not only did the cats become infertile due to diet, their overall health was affected. Please see his work summed up in this video before you continue. Weston A Price was a dentist who started to wonder why the health of patients’ teeth were continuing to decline. He wanted to see if there was a link between dental health and one’s diet. After studying indigenous cultures from around the world, he discovered there was indeed a direct relationship between one’s diet and one’s dental health, as well as, overall health including ability to conceive healthy children. He found that indigenous cultures that stayed on their traditional diets had very strong and healthy teeth along with structural features like wide dental arches with plenty of room for all their teeth, no overcrowding, straight teeth, and more. While the cultures that started to consume conventional foods of our modern diet started to decline in overall health including overcrowded teeth, narrow dental arches, tooth decay, crooked teeth, etc. When cultures decided to go back to their traditional diets, their health returned and their offspring were born with healthy teeth, etc. The cultures that didn’t continued to notice a decline in their health and that of their offspring. A pair of twin brothers were pictured, and one brother ate the traditional foods and the other ate modern foods. It was very apparent by the missing teeth and worn appearance which brother did what. Imagine if diet can do that to your teeth, what is it doing to your insides? The research by Dr Weston A Price is kept alive through the Weston A Price Foundation, a non-profit foundation for researching health and nutrition. They’ve got some wonderful information regarding fertility, including a recommended diet for pregnant and nursing moms. Here’s the list of foods to consume and avoid. Weston A Price Foundation Recommends CONSUMING: Cod liver Oil for 20,000IU vitamin A and 2000IU vitamin D per day, 1 quart raw milk from pasture-fed cows per day, 4 tbsp butter daily from pasture fed cows, 2 or more eggs from pastured chickens, 3-4 oz fresh liver or pate 1-2 times per week, fresh seafood several times per week (particularly wild salmon, shellfish and fish eggs), 2 tbsp coconut oil per day, fresh beef or lamb daily consumed with the fat, oily fish or lard daily for vitamin D, lacto-fermented condiments and beverages, bone broths, soaked or sourdough whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. Weston A Price Foundation recommends AVOIDING: Trans fatty acids, polyunsaturated vegetable oils, refined and artificial sweeteners, commercial fried foods, junk foods, soy foods, white flour, soft drinks, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs (even prescription drugs). Please see the WAPF site too, click here.  For more on milk, click here

STEP 4: Exercise. Now is the time to get your body moving, not once you’ve conceived. Exercise helps to improve all aspects of your life and helps your body cleanse itself through the lymph system. Weight gain is a common aspect of pregnancy, and the more you can move your body before the extra pounds the stronger you’ll be for those extra pounds. If you’re not exercising already… start with a simple walk down the street and back for the first week or two, then around the block when you’re ready. Or maybe you like the idea of a gym class or an outdoor activity like hiking or tennis. If no, consider a DVD workout of yoga or dance, etc. You may even find yourself continuing this routine during your pregnancy and then even with your baby once you’re both ready. Enjoy this special alone time too, because once you have your baby, that alone time is hard to find. My husband and I enjoyed exercising together, from outdoor activities to P90x to even just walking.  Our routine needed to change a bit to include our baby, and now we find that a morning DVD workout or a personal treadmill works best for us.

STEP 5: Mindset. What brings you joy? What warms your heart and puts a smile on your face? Imagine being on the outside, looking in at your own life. You get an inside peak and what do you see? Is this person you see happy and enjoying their life? Do they find time to do the things that bring them joy? Would you want to be around them and get to know them? Would you want to be a part of their family? If yes, great. If no, why not? What aspects of you and your life are you not happy with or wanting to change? Now is the time to make peace with yourself and your life and make any desired changes. This is your life now… it doesn’t start some day in the future. Find a way to bring yourself into harmony with your life so that a baby is a good fit. When I first moved to Phoenix, I had a rough time. It was super hot, I didn’t know anyone except my new husband, and I wasn’t employed. My whole life had changed and I needed help adjusting to what I was faced with day to day… me. I stumbled upon a natural health modality called The BodyTalk System.

Often when we walked, we would listen to Anthony Robbins’ “hour of power”. It was always very powerful to start the day with even the first 15 minutes which included a gratefulness exercise, affirmations, and visualization. Give this a try when you exercise. It’s a powerful way to sync the mind and body while focusing on all the things you love and want and in your life. I find that by starting the day with a bit of exercise and mindfulness, I set the tone for the rest of the day. Then, as my day goes on, it seems to be much easier to stay positive and keep my thoughts aligned with my heart.

STEP 6: Hydration. Do not drink distilled water. Since it’s empty and wants to be whole, it will draw out the nutrients from your body. Many people will drink distilled water for a very short period of time for a detox, but I personally think there’s better ways to detox too. Drink Healing Water. Water is meant to be whole and alive, not dead and bottled. Studies have been done on the healing waters of the world and what was found is that all the healing waters are ionized and alkaline, meaning they reduce free radicals in your body and promote health. If you don’t live next to a high mountain stream or healing waters, simply find a good water machine to hook up to your faucet. Make sure that it filters, ionizes and alkalizes the water for you. Kangen water is my favorite, but do your research and remember… you get what you pay for. I know people who get pregnant by simply drinking Kangen water. To give your water even more healing power, give it a simple blessing or say kind words or think good thoughts, and refrain from negativity as much as possible. Think I’m crazy? Have a look at the research by Masuro Emoto in his book The Hidden Messages in Water. Parts of you are up to 90% water, and that’s a lot of either function or dis-function, health or disease… you make the choice.

STEP 7: Relaxation. This is easier that it seems. Here are some suggestions… Guys: wear BOXERS, not briefs and don’t overheat the “boys” with hot tubs, etc. Let those sperm relax a bit and cool off. Girls: loosen those belts, toss that pantyhose, and take off those bras. Our modern attire is not suited to energy flowing in the body the way it’s meant to. Listen to uplifting music, watch uplifting movies and do what you enjoy. Also, be sure you’re getting enough sleep, especially between the hours of 11pm and 3am. According to Chinese medicine, this is when your Gall Bladder and Liver hold the most Chi and will benefit the most from regular sleep. And, get some massages, do some stretching, and spend some time in nature. Your body is alive and has natural rhythms, so allow it to find them again. Lastly, if something in your life is very stressful, like your job or financial state of being, now is the time to address it and make changes. Live the life you want to live now, and at least you’ll be living the life you want to live. Why stress out on a day to day basis? Each day is a day you are trading a day of your life for whatever experience you want to have… why not make that an experience you want to have? It will make for a much happier you and a much happier family.

STEP 8: Energy work. Get some energy work to help shift those things you need help shifting, many of which may not be in your awareness. If you’re new to energy work or want to see what some of your choices are, check out my Future of Medicine movie trailer for some ideas. Energy work can help with a number of concerns, from getting pregnant to gently healing/reversing any complications. When I was in practice, a new client came in because she wanted to get pregnant, having been unsuccessful so far. She conceived after just one BodyTalk session and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Another client came in with complete placenta previa, where the placenta is completely covering the area the baby is meant to be coming out. She was 8 months pregnant and wanted to have a natural delivery. In the session, I remember using a technique that very specifically dealt with the placenta, its location, and where the body actually wanted it. It was very exciting, even more so when she called 2 weeks later in her final checkup with the news that her placenta was now completely out of the way. She went on to have a natural birth. There can be many things that are complicating your desires to start a family, and energy work can help identify and heal them, especially if they are unconscious. Don’t rule it out… I’ve seen it work, and it may just work for you too!

STEP 9: Herbs. There are many benefits to the use of herbs before, during, and after pregnancy. It is important to do some research and/or talk with a skilled herbalist, because there are herbs that help and herbs to avoid. Some herbs, like Nettles, provide excellent nutrients like iron and other minerals while you are pregnant. And, Fenugreek can help with milk supply once your baby is born, while the La Leche League says that parsley and other foods can decrease milk supply. Herbs are not an answer on their own or a substitute for a healthy and nutritious diet. Herbs are meant to supplement your nutrition and can greatly enhance your state of health when used in conjunction with a healthy diet. Revisit the recommended diet for pregnant and nursing moms here and see vitamins for fetal development here.

STEP 10: Fertility Awareness. This is an excellent article on Fertility Awareness by Katie Singer. Please read this article. My husband and I are very interested in nutrition and health, so long before we wanted to conceive a child we learned about how to measure my fertility. I began charting and was able to effectively use that and the rhythm method for birth control for five years, and then to conceive our son. We also implemented the most nutritious diet to prepare our bodies for a future family. Our son is almost two now, and we’d like to conceive another child when he turns three. Childspacing is an ancient and modern recognized practice to promote optimal health in children. You’ll also learn about the importance of night-lighting in Katie’s article and how to improve your sleep to improve your health.

You must become an advocate for your own fertility. If man has created it or manipulated it, do your research on how it will affect you. And, don’t look at research funded by the creator… look at non-profit research and critics. If you are putting something in your body, it’s your responsibility to fully research it and it’s effects. No one else will put your fertility at the top of the priorities the way you can. There are known eugenics agendas that caused sterilization throughout many parts of our world, and there are also unknown ones. Open your eyes and start living as naturally as possible. You can research eugenics to learn more… some believe that vaccinations and other medications, along with GMOs and other harsh technology can also cause sterilization… Watch the documentary Food Inc (free on Netflix) to learn more about what’s happening in our food industry.

Wrapping Up How to Get Pregnant

Now that you’ve done what’s needed to start your family, it’s time to open your arms and be ready to receive. Be open to how your child is meant to come to you. I know many people who couldn’t conceive, but they ended up doing so anyway. There’s also other ways… I know people who have adopted, others who have had friends carry children for them, and many other situations that have brought children into people’s lives.

One thing that people need to know, but many don’t know, is that kids’ are amplifiers. That means that, if a happy couple conceives and gives birth to a child it will most likely bring more happiness. While a dis-functional couple who bring a child into the world will most likely experience more dis-function. Kids do not solve problems, they are neutral and need your love and guidance. It’d be best to work on yourself so that you are in a good place before having kids instead of hoping that having kids will bring you into a good place.

May You Get Pregnant and/or Experience the Joy of Children in Your Life Very Soon.

Lots of Light,

Candice T. Aguirre

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