What is The BodyTalk Access Class?

BodyTalk Access Class is Health Empowerment!

I use what I learned from the BodyTalk Access Class everyday, and every time my toddler gets hurts or very upset… it’s Awesome!

BodyTalk Access Class, Cortices Technique, Energy Healing

The BodyTalk Access Class is a one day course designed for anyone to learn some very simple and effective ways to help the body heal naturally, as well as, maintain great health. It also includes an amazing emergency protocol that helps the body/mind calm down, relax, come out of shock and start healing… I use this ALL the time with my 2 year old and I have SO many stories of how it’s helped. The common thread is that he is quickly up and about, there’s little to no bruising and/or swelling, he stops crying, and he is not scared by the event or occurrence. I wish my parents had the same tools when I was a kid! 🙂

Some tapping and breathing, and five minutes later… you’re body is alive! I really love the techniques that you learn in the BodyTalk Access Class, and I still use them all the time. I even used to teach the course, and I may again some day… but for now, I do enjoy the power that it’s given me to help my body heal naturally. Most of all, I appreciate the hands on tools I have to address emergency situations, especially those where my toddler has really bumped his head.

The main part of the BodyTalk Access Class includes five techniques that can be done regularly to help regain and maintain health. It works great! Just recently, my housemates were really sick for three weeks and everyone seemed to be getting it. I did the Access techniques on myself and my son, and we stayed healthy. It was amazing!

The first technique you learn in the BodyTalk Access Class is the Cortices technique. Your cortices are part of your brain, and there is a left and right side. This technique helps to refresh your brain, the same way you refresh or reboot a computer; it also helps turn “on all the lights”, and it really gets the left and right hemispheres communicating with one another. This technique alone can be used to address anything. Watch this video to learn the Cortices technique now. The Cortices technique is also in 3 of the 4 steps of the emergency protocol… so, in an emergency those who have not taken the BodyTalk Access Class can just do the Cortices technique over and over until the person is better or help arrives.

The other techniques in the class address your ability to handle stress, hydrate and utilize water properly, adjust and balance your body chemistry, and help balance and heal your physical structure… and so much more. Go to www.BodyTalkSystem.com to find a BodyTalk Access Class near you.

May the BodyTalk Access Class empower you to heal yourself and your loved ones naturally.

In Health and Happiness,

Candice T. Aguirre

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