What is BodyTalk Energy Healing?

The BodyTalk System is “Consciousness” Health Care.

BodyTalk is changing the face of modern medicine!

 bodytalk, future of medicine, energy healing

How BodyTalk is different than traditional medicine

BodyTalk, like a lot of energy healing, is different from traditional medicine, because it operates on levels beyond just the physical plane, like with our thoughts and emotions. BodyTalk gently brings people to new levels of health and awareness. And, most often, this occurs without the need for traditional medical treatment or as an alternative because the traditional treatment was not effective. BodyTalk supports one’s own natural healing ability and kickstarts it into action when needed.

How BodyTalk Works

BodyTalk practitioners use a technique called muscle checking to find the areas in your body/mind that are out of balance and then use gentle tapping to balance them. BodyTalkers navigate a complex map of the body/mind that includes all aspects of your physical and energy body as well as the rest of your environment. So, you may find that your chakras need to balance to your endocrines, your amygdala needs to balance to being alone at night, your body is ready to let go of a painful event or memory or limiting belief system, and so much more. Your session is unique to you, because it’s what you need in your session at that exact time. Read about my first BodyTalk session here.

Here’s one of the BodyTalk charts. (there are many)

BodyTalk, Energy Healing, Future of Medicine

The BodyTalk Session

BodyTalk sessions can be done in person and from a distance. When I was in practice, I offered both to my clients. I really enjoyed both for different reasons. I loved being able to connect with clients who come to the office, but I also loved the confirmation of how powerful BodyTalk is, even at a distance. Sessions are usually very relaxing and average 30 minutes to 1 hour. There is a gentle muscle checking that the practitioner usually does with your wrist or hand. Then, tapping on the head and heart help to support your body making the shift and remembering it. Often, you and/or the practitioner will hold different key areas that you are working with. Your practitioner will usually explain what is being addressed and give you their best interpretation of them when possible. Sometimes it’s very clear what is being addressed and sometimes a little more general… it all serves a purpose. And, in many of my sessions, my clients went into a deep relaxation and some even fell asleep, so I would often recap the session at the end for them.

Healing with BodyTalk

BodyTalk sessions often bring about great shifts in people. I remember one client in particular break down crying as she entered my office… she had no idea why. I assured her that she was just already shifting. When we take steps to heal ourselves, life will let us know… it’s called feedback. Sometimes things in our life will go haywire or even wonderfully. It’s all a sign that we are shifting. Simply let the bad go and enjoy the good.

BodyTalk Classes

You can also learn how to do BodyTalk for maintaining and improving your own health or as a modality to add to your practice. There is a one day class, the Access Class, that teaches 5 invaluable techniques including something called Fast Aid, which is a quick 4 step protocol to use in any emergency situation that helps bring the body/mind back into balance. Learn more about Access here. And there’s Modules 1 & 2, a four day course that trains you in the basic BodyTalk System protocol and muscle checking. This is great if for personal use or if you’d like to become a practitioner or add BodyTalk to your practice.

BodyTalk and Energy Healing Overview

BodyTalk is more than a simple healing modality… it’s an awesome transformational tool that will take you and your life to a whole new level of awareness and health. If you are new to this new paradigm of medicine that we are in, my documentary The Future of Medicine, is an excellent tool to help you become familiar with what is available. You will also receive many great tips and bits of wisdom that you can begin to implement now.

And, if you’re ready now to experience how powerful BodyTalk really is, you can find a practitioner here: www.bodytalksystem.com.

In Happiness and Health,


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